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Recent Successes

Recent successes… In February 2017, I was given the privilege of joining the Business Sales Team at Comporium Communications! I am very thankful for this new opportunity to serve our commercial clients as a Business Account Representive and am thrilled to be working with experienced team members who are dedicated to meeting customer needs. Guest …

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Boys’ State and The Sugar Hill Gang!

Remember the Sugar Hill Gang? My friends Seth Buckley and Brian Gibbons remember them well! Seth, Brian, and I are volunteer staff members for Palmetto Boys’ State, a laboratory in state government for rising high school seniors, sponsored by the American Legion. In the early 90’s, Palmetto Boys’ State moved from The Citadel in Charleston, …

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Audition Time Again!

Two years ago, my daughter Lauren, who was 12 at the time, had the idea to audition for one of these national talent TV shows that have become famous over the last 10-12 years. She has great vocal talent and I am convinced that she will be a recording artist some day. But I was …

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